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Bathroom Plumbing Services Helping Aubrey

Nothing is worse than a clogged toilet. Located right off of 423 and Main we can get to you ASAP!  We are a family owned business serving the area. We work on everything; toilets, showers, tubs, sinks, drains, faucets, water and drain lines, and saving water.

  • Clogged Toilets – Sometimes a plunger just doesn’t get the job done. The pipes running to the toilet can be trapped with toilet paper or things that should not be in the toilet. Please don’t use chemicals. Chemicals can lead to a major headache and cost a lot of money if it corrodes the pipes. The clog can also be so bad you have to remove the toilet to reach the clog which can lead to a major hassle for you. Trust the experts, remember we are right here in Aubrey off of Main and 423.
  • Clogged Shower – When your shower clogs its best to call a plumber getting down into the pipping is very hard and hair and other thins can build up over time living a small pond as you take a shower and then have to wait forever for it to drain.
  • New Showerhead Installed – The home improvement stores have a very limited selection of the shower heads you can choose from. We carry the Delta line and can get you what you need and then install the shower head for you.
  • New Toilets Installed – Home improvement store also specializes in boring toilets. The have an extremely limited collection. You really would believe how many choices’s there are for toilets. We can also install a toilet if you have already bought one. Putting a new toilet in is a really gross job and can be very frustrating because they sometimes do not seal properly and then leak from the bottom. Why not lets the experts install it for you?
  • Clogged Tub – Getting the drain out of the tub is a pain. When you notice the water is taking forever to drain out of the tub give us a call or the problem will get worse.
  • Clogged Sink – Cloggs can sometimes get past the pipes under the bathroom sink. Having a sink backup is enough problems. Think how often you use your bathroom sink and everything that goes down the drain. Taking apart the pipes is always gross.
  • Bathroom Facet Leaks – Maybe it’s time to replace your leaky crusty faucet. We sell and install faucets.
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