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leak detection FriscoA leaky pipe is a common plumbing problem, and yet it can still cost you a substantial amount of money if it continues to leak over a long period of time. Since the first step is always leak detection, the next step is to figure out how to stop the leak.

If a leak under your sink is causing you to waste water, address the problem by turning the main water supply off. Use a garden hose to drain the pipes of the water that remains inside of them, and wipe off the leaky pipe. After clearing out everything under the sink, measure the faulty pipe so that you can purchase an appropriately sized repair clamp. You can then remove the nut and bolt from the repair clamp sleeves and place the repair clamp over the leak. Now install the bolt and nut once again and tighten the nut. Turn the main water supply back on and run water through the pipes, checking to make sure that the pipe is no longer leaking from the repair clamp.

For more serious leaks, your best course of action is to shut off the main water supply valve and call your Frisco plumbing company for emergency plumbing repair.