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If you constantly have clogged drains, a backed toilet, and water leaks, it’s time to consult with a plumbing company near Frisco about replacing your bathroom plumbing fixtures. The new bathroom plumbing fixtures that you choose will depend on your budget, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences. Here is a homeowner’s guide to picking out new bathroom plumbing fixtures.

Opt for Water Efficient Fixtures When Possible

Bathroom FixturesWith so many options for plumbing fixtures on the market today, it’s easy to find ones that are energy and water efficient. You can save significantly on your household water bills by choosing a low-flow toilet, showerhead, and faucets that conserve water. You can ask your plumber what plumbing fixture models and brands he recommends for water conservation. If you’re replacing bathroom lighting or heating, you can also explore energy efficient options.

Consider Your Overall Bathroom Design

You can also consider your overall bathroom design when choosing your bathroom fixtures. You will have a variety of options for styles, finishes, and designs for bathroom faucets, knobs, handles, sinks, toilets, showerheads, and other hardware. If you’re doing a full bathroom remodel, you might have more flexibility when choosing plumbing fixtures. If you’re only replacing one or two things, you might want them to match your existing fixtures. When choosing a new toilet, you can opt for a tankless model or one-piece toilet that looks slick and contemporary, or a traditional two-piece toilet. Shower fixtures can include spa features, like rain showerheads, steam features, handheld showerheads, or body sprays.

Choose Fixtures that Fit with Your Lifestyle

You should choose new bathroom plumbing fixtures that fit with your lifestyle and make your bathroom more functional and comfortable. If more than one person shares the bathroom, you might want your plumber to install a double sink. If there are young children or elderly people in your household, you might consider a combination shower and tub. You’ll also want to choose a toilet that is large enough and tall enough to be comfortable for everyone in your home.