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Water Heater

Choosing a water heater replacement in Frisco, McKinney, and Plano, TX may become difficult when you consider just how many water heater brands there are. From AO Smith to Navien, homeowners have several choices available. With so many choices, you should have a few easy tips on how best to select a reliable new water heater.

  • Ask your plumber his opinion. Many plumbers have specific brands they carry, and they stand by these brands. Ask exactly why these brands are considered the best. Do they have good ratings or fewer problems than other brands? Do not be afraid to ask tough questions when buying a new water heater.
  • Look up various consumer websites. These websites can give you a good look into how a water heater brand functions. Do not make this your only method of choosing a brand, though. Some reviewers may be biased.

Check out the product specifications. Many companies will be honest about certain models or sizes of their products. Maybe a water heater company makes a great 40-gallon tank, but they cannot replicate the technology as well on their 60-gallon tanks. There are many variables between sizes and models, so do thorough research.