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A water heater installation is a significant investment for any household. When you are shopping for a new water heater, you will have many different types of units to choose from. While tankless water heaters have become popular in recent years, there are certain instances where you will want to select a conventional water heater for your home. A company that specializes in water heater replacement in McKinney or Frisco, TX can help you pick out the best water heater for the needs of your family. Read on for some signs you should choose a conventional water heater.

Your Current Water Heater Is Conventional Water Heater

One of the top signs that you should choose a conventional water heater is that your current water heating system contains a conventional tank. A conventional, or tank, water heater stores all of the hot water for your home in an insulated tank. If you are pleased with the performance of your current water heating system, a conventional water heater may be the right choice for your needs.

You Have a Large House

A conventional water heater will be right for your needs if you have a house that has many water fixtures or a large square footage. While tankless water heaters can be highly efficient, they may not have the capacity to provide hot water on demand to every plumbing fixture on your property. Your plumber can help you choose a water heater that is the right size for your home.

Your House Contains Plenty of Storage Space

Finally, when you are considering purchasing a conventional water heater, you may want to evaluate the amount of storage space that your property has to offer. Since a conventional water heater stores all of its hot water in a tank, you will want to make sure that you have a dedicated storage area that has plenty of space for your water heating unit. With these factors in mind, you will be ready to get started on your water heater installation.