Today, many people are looking for ways to reduce their home’s energy needs. If you’re considering your choices for energy-efficient water heater replacement in McKinney, TX, then consider the following options for your home:

Upgrade to high-efficiency gas storage. Energy-Efficient Water Heater

For homes that currently have a gas storage water heater, upgrading to a high-efficiency version could be the best choice. If you are content with your current heater’s function but want to gain better efficiency, then consider a high-efficiency gas storage for your water heater replacement.

Switch to a tankless gas water heater.

If you currently have a gas water heater and would like to replace it with something more efficient before it fails, then tankless whole-home gas water heater installation could be the best choice. These heaters are ideal for families who often run out of hot water, are looking for a water heater with a significant lifespan, and have limited space for a water heater. These appliances typically require maintenance every few years and will cost you more up front than other options, but can save you significantly on your water heating bills.

Invest in an electric heat pump.

Do you have an electric water heater that you’d like to replace in the future? If so, then you may benefit from choosing an electric heat pump. This option will require more space than a tankless system, as your home will need to accommodate the water heater’s condensate drain. However, you can look forward to reducing the water heating costs by as much as 50%.

Learn about solar water heaters.

For those whose focus is on renewable power, harnessing solar energy to heat your home’s water might be ideal. Solar water heating could work well for your family if you have space around your home or on your roof that gets consistent sunshine. If you choose to go the way of solar water heating, you should be prepared to take on additional maintenance and to install or use a current gas or electric water heater as a back-up for cloudy days.


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