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A clogged drain in your shower can be quite an inconvenience, and it is also not ideal for your plumbing. To help avoid the need for shower drain cleaning in Frisco, TX, there are several simple steps that you should take.shower clog

Soap scum and hair buildup account for many cases of shower clogs. If you do not have a drain cover that catches hair, then this is a small and easy investment to make that can go a long way in preventing a clogged drain. Another way to help prevent the need for professional drain cleaning is to flush out your pipes regularly. About once per month, pour a gallon of boiling water down your shower drain, and then run your shower for a few minutes, or take a shower, to help push along any loosened debris.

If you notice that your shower is beginning to drain slowly, use a plunger to try to dislodge any buildup that may be blocking the pipe. If this step doesn’t alleviate the problem, then it’s probably time to give your plumber a call.