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When you have a leak underneath of the slab in your home, it usually won’t take you very long to realize it. Slab leaks can cause wet spots on the floors in your home, and often times, you will be able to hear the sound of water rushing beneath your floors. It’s an indication that you have a leaky water or sewer line, and you should have it repaired by a plumber right away to avoid bigger plumbing problems. Here are the plumbing services in McKinney, Frisco, and the surrounding areas that a plumber will use to repair a slab leak.

Finding a Slab Leak  Slab Leak Repair

If you have a large amount of water pooling on one specific section of your home’s flooring, it won’t take your plumber long to find the slab leak that he or she is looking for. However, if the location of a slab leak isn’t clear based on visual damage, a plumber may have to use a specialized listening device to find it. It’s important for the plumber to find the exact location of the leak because he or she will need to spend time digging to fix it.

Accessing a Slab Leak

Before a plumber can begin a plumbing repair on a slab leak, he or she will need to gain access to it. Finished flooring will need to be removed from the area surrounding the slab leak, and a jackhammer will need to be used to cut a hole into the concrete slab. The plumber will need to get direct access to the water or sewer line that is leaking. You should cover or remove any furniture that you have in the general vicinity, as cutting into a home’s slab can be a messy process.

Fixing a Slab Leak

Once the leaky water or sewer line is exposed, a plumber can start repairs. Water lines are usually made out of copper piping, while sewer lines are typically constructed using cast iron, clay, or PVC. The plumber will replace the broken line with the appropriate material to ensure that it doesn’t leak again in the near future.