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When you schedule renovations and plumbing services for your home in Aubrey, your plumbing contractor may recommend that you replace your water heater. A new water heater will provide your household with better efficiency, and replacing your water heater before it fails can help you avoid a bathroom plumbing emergency. When you are shopping for a new water heater, your plumbing contractor may be able to offer you either an electric or a gas model. Choosing the right fuel source for your water heater will help you make sure that you get the best efficiency and performance from your system. Here are some handy tips for choosing between a gas and electric water heater.

Initial Cost Gas and Electric Water Heater

In order to choose between a gas and electric water heater, you may want to start by considering the initial cost for your installation. Typically, electric water heaters are more inexpensive to install than their gas-fueled counterparts. If your home is already equipped with a gas line for a water heater, your gas installation may be less expensive.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important factor to consider when you are shopping for a new water heater. Electric water heaters are often more efficient than gas water heaters. In order to find a new water heater that is highly energy efficient, you will want to find a unit that is marked with the Energy Star logo. An electric water heater that is Energy Star rated will provide you with terrific efficiency for all of your water heating needs.

Ease of Installation

Your plumber can answer any questions that you may have about the installation process for gas and electric water heaters. Homes that are not connected to natural gas lines may require extensive installation services in order to accommodate gas water heaters. If your home currently relies on an electric water heater, you may want to stick with this fuel source for your new water heater installation.