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Top 5 Water Saving Tips for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

If you think that water savings efforts are beneficial only for our planet then you’re missing a part that affects you personally. Water-inefficient kitchens and bathrooms are merciless money pits for any household. You aren’t only going to pay high water bills, but the local plumber is going to become your home’s regular guest. What are the best ways to avoid these unwanted and costly scenarios? Well, here’s a handful of water saving tips for your kitchen and bathroom that can save both your nerves and your money:

Tip #1: Do the math while you brush your teeth!

Let’s say that you brush your teeth two times a day. It usually takes you from 3 to 5 minutes to do it properly. Let the water running and the next thing you know more than 10 gallons a day, give it or take, has been spent in vain. Now, do the math for all of your loved ones living in your home. So, can you be a bit more thoughtful when you brush your teeth?

Tip #2: The “golden” rule – if it ain’t broke no need to fix it – can easily turn against you!

Your home has an old kitchen or bathroom, or both. The installations and pipes are old, but everything is working just fine. So, why bother calling a plumber? Right? No, you’re totally wrong! Old toilets and kitchen use more water. What’s even worse an old toilet or kitchen is a home disaster waiting to hit your pocket when you expect it the least. Timely and regular inspections can be true money-savers in the long run for your home.

Tip #3: Power showers can weaken your home budget a lot!

Consult your local plumber about the most appropriate water-flow-setup for your bathroom shower. One bath consumes at least 30 gallons of water and we’re talking about the “normal” water pressure in your pipes. Now, if you want to enjoy the “power-shower” you are going to put unnecessary pressure on both your wallet and your bathroom’s pipes. Sooner or later, something will go wrong and you will have to pay a plumber to take care of it.

Tip #4: Installing a water meter is always a good idea!

You don’t have to be obsessed with your water consumption. However, a water meter can provide you with an invaluable information what’s happening in your bathroom and kitchen.

Tip #5: There are no small leaks!

The most common excuse you can hear is – a few drops here and there can’t do much harm. Yet, we all know that a small snowball can turn into an avalanche over time. Don’t allow yourself a luxury of turning a small leak into an extremely expensive plumbing intervention.

If you want to get more water saving tips get in touch with our plumbing specialists. The most experienced plumbing contractors in Aubrey are waiting for your call or email.