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When a sewer issue does develop, it’s a job for a sewer line repair professional​​sewer line repair

A sewer line is a vital length of pipe running from your home to the municipal sewer system under your street. This single pipe is responsible for carrying all the wastewater generated in your home to the sewer, where it is taken away for treatment. Although sewer lines are designed for this specific and demanding job, they are still vulnerable to several problems. When a sewer issue does develop, it’s a job for a sewer line repair professional. At Lex’s Plumbing, our plumbers have the tools, the knowledge, and the experience to handle both major and minor sewer pipe repair jobs in Frisco, TX.

Spotting the Signs of a Sewer Line Problem

Sewer line issues cause strange behavior in your plumbing or around your home. Learning to spot the signs of a damaged sewer line will let you know when it’s time to call a sewer professional for help.

  • An issue in your sewer line will often affect multiple fixtures throughout your property. A single toilet, sink, or tub displaying odd behavior is typically a sign of a simple drain clog. If multiple fixtures act up or develop backups when water is used elsewhere in your home, it’s an indicator that sewer repair is needed.
  • When a sewer line develops a leak or collapses, wastewater can leach out of the pipe and into the soil of your yard. This typically causes the area around the leak or collapse to become soggy, spongy, or foul-smelling. You may also notice excessive overgrowth of grass, weeds, or other plants in this area as the excess water fuels rapid plant growth.

Our Sewer Repair Solutions

Our sewer line repair professionals can address sewer clogs, collapse, deterioration, and dislocation quickly and completely. If you have questions or concerns about your home’s sewer line in Frisco, TX, please call Lex’s Plumbing today at (469) 362-5397 to schedule a camera inspection of your line.

  1. The first step in sewer line repair is identifying the issue causing the problem. Your plumber will use a camera inspection system to feed a camera through your sewer line through a long, flexible cable. The images sent back allow your plumber to diagnose the cause of your plumbing behavior and suggest the appropriate solution.
  2. Clogs can be removed quickly and completely using an auger, which is a hand-cranked or motor-driven cable with a hooked or pointed end. If severe buildup exists inside the pipe, your plumber may suggest hydro-jetting to scour away grease, fat, and limescale.
  3. Sewer line leaks or collapse often require replacement of part or all of your sewer line. In many cases, plumbers can perform these repairs from inside the pipe using trenchless techniques.
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