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Aubrey Sewer Line Replacement

We make sure your sewer line last in Aubrey, Savannah and Providence Village Area

sewer line repairWith proper maintenance, your sewer line can last for decades without any major problems. When sewer issues do arise, however, sewer line replacement may become necessary to resolve clogs, leakage, and backup that might impact your home. Lex’s Plumbing in Aubrey can provide prompt service for sewer repairs and line replacement so that your property does not sustain additional damage that could compound the cost of your home repairs. Keep reading to learn more about why residential sewers might need replacement and how the job will be done to minimize the environmental impact of the project.

Why Sewer Lines May Need Replacing

There are many possible causes for damage to sewer systems that might lead to a replacement job. Regular sewer inspections and cleaning may prevent some of these issues, while problems like corrosion might be unavoidable in older sewer systems.

  • Overgrown roots – When you plant trees on your property, you will want to be careful not to place them in close proximity to sewer lines, since roots can grow through the wall of the sewer. This process of root intrusion can permanently damage the line and move it out of place, leading to extensive damage to your property.
  • Pipe corrosion – The age and quality of your pipes might lead to corrosion, which can deteriorate the structure of the line from the inside out. Corroded sewer lines might collapse or break, and this will restrict the flow of waste water away from your home.
  • Breaks and cracks – Shifting soil and freezes are likely culprits behind cracks and breaks to sewer lines, which might be detected with a special camera that can identify the exact source of damage to determine the necessary repairs.

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