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Slab Leak Repair Aubrey

Slab Leak Can Go Unnoticed for Weeks or Months

A slab leak in your foundation can waste water and cause damage to your home’s finishes or even its structural components. If you suspect you may have a slab leak, don’t wait—the plumbers at Lex’s Plumbing can offer professional leak detection to determine if you have a slab leak or other problem that needs professional plumbing repair. The sooner you call for plumbing repair near Aubrey, the sooner you’ll enjoy lower water bills and a healthier, problem-free home.

Diagnosing a Slab Leak

Usually, when your water bill goes up, it’s because you had an increase in usage. This could be due to an unusual amount of guests, using the hot tub on a cool winter night, or a variety of other reasons. Less commonly, you may check your water bill to see that it has gone up without an increase in usage. If this has occurred, you may have a slab leak. When you notice any of the possible symptoms of slab leaks, you can rely on our team at Lex’s Plumbing to assist you.

We are able to do a meter test to determine if your plumbing system is leaking. If we discover it is, we calculate how much water you are losing. It takes trained experts and a very specific process to find a slab leak. With the use of proper equipment and modern tools, we are able to locate the leaks without destroying your property and slab.

Signs and Symptoms of a Slab Leak

The most dangerous part of a slab leak is the fact that it’s hidden. In most cases, by the time it’s very obvious that your foundation is leaking, it’s already too late. To help you avoid serious water damage, contact Lex’s Plumbing if you recognize any of the following signs:

  • Feeling an unusual hot spot on the floor
  • Noticing new cracks in walls or flooring
  • Smelling or seeing mold, mildew, or moisture under carpets and rugs
  • Unusually high water bills
  • Hearing running water when all water is turned off

Common Causes of Slab Leaks

Understanding why and how slab leaks happen can give you a better understanding of your home’s risk for developing one. There are many causes of slab leaks, including:

  • the mineral content or pH of your water, which can corrode plumbing pipes and lead to leaks.
  • foundation settling or shifting, often due to drought, which can displace or stress plumbing pipes until cracks or leaks develop.
  • poor workmanship or construction practices during previous foundation repairs, plumbing services, or even during the construction of your home.
  • high water pressure that puts excess strain on your pipes, causing them to weaken or burst.

Non-destructive Slab Repair

Many plumbing companies are not professional in their manner of locating and repairing a slab leak. At Lex’s Plumbing, we will never take action until we have located the slab leak and come up with a proper plan of action. We aim to take care of the leak with as little property damage as possible. In most cases when we have completed a slab leak repair, only one floor tile will need to be replaced due to our non-invasive equipment and methods

Understanding Slab Leak Repair

Slab leaks are a serious plumbing issue that must be repaired to prevent the problem from growing larger. Even though you cannot see a slab leak, your home can suffer severe negative effects from the leak over a very short period of time. Modern slab leak repair is a straightforward process that begins with leak detection. Your plumber will use advanced methods and equipment to locate the exact area where your plumbing is leaking.

Next, a small portion of your floor will be removed to access the problematic pipe. In most cases, this means only a single floor tile or a small square of carpet one to two feet on each side is removed. Whenever possible, your plumber will repair the pipe in place by either patching it or replacing the section of problematic pipe. 

Slab Leak Repair Options

After our plumbers positively identify your slab leak, you will be given a few repair options. Depending on the condition of your foundation, the location of the leak, and other unique factors, your options may be limited. In general, your slab leak repair options include:

  • Spot Repair: This is the most common form of slab leak repair. Our plumbers will open up the slab at the spot of the leak and repair or replace the leaking section of pipe.
  • Repipe/Reroute: Depending on the condition of your pipes and the resulting water damage, our technicians may recommend replacing the entire line that’s leaking. This is typically the preferred option for older plumbing systems that have a history of leaking.

Reasons to Get Repairs Fast

If you have the slightest inkling of a slab leak, contact Lex’s Plumbing right away. Slab leaks will not go away on their own. In fact, they will only get worse over time, which means more structural damage, higher water bills, and ultimately more expensive plumbing repair costs. Our Aubrey plumbers are standing by to assist you. To schedule a slab leak detection or repair service, contact us online or call us at (469) 287-8169