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Toilet Clog & Install

We help you getting the plumbing up and running properly.clogged toilet

When it comes to a new house, you may need some help getting the plumbing up and running properly. Not only does the plumbing include your toilet, but it involves everything that needs running water, such as your sinks and showers. Not having a properly working plumbing system can be extremely frustrating and make you realize that you’ve always taken plumbing for granted. Thankfully, Lex’s Plumbing of Aubrey is here to help you with expert plumbing installation services. With our company’s decade of experience, our skilled plumbers will be able to help you with anything from toilet installation to fitting your water filtration system.

Our Installation Services

As our name suggests, Lex’s Plumbing is your local Aubrey business that helps with plumbing installation. In the bathroom, we can do toilet and faucet installation. With our careful and skilled work, you’ll always have a properly working toilet, shower, and sink. Your fixtures will work smoothly and you won’t have to worry about the toilet flushing improperly or the shower not having enough water pressure.

In the kitchen, there are several things that we work on. First of all, our plumbers can install a garbage disposal in the sink for you to prevent large clogs. Along with our garbage disposal installation, we also provide services that enable you to drink water straight from the tap. We have experience in dealing with water purification systems, which means Lex’s Plumbing can install a water filter and water softener in your sink as well. With a water softener system, you and your family can drink purified water directly from the sink in your kitchen.

Although those are the two main places we work on for plumbing installation services, Lex’s Plumbing is available to help you install and fix up any clogs or sewage problems around the house.

Why You Need a Licensed Plumber

If you’re planning on renovating your home, Lex’s Plumbing can install everything that you need. Should you wish to have easy access to purified water, we can perform water filter installation and other water treatment services. If you need a bigger service such as redoing all the plumbing of the house, we can do that as well.