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When you need a top plumber Aubrey, it’s very important that you seek the assistance of a competent plumber as soon as possible. Typically, the longer that you allow a problem to exist, the more it will tend to get worse and more expensive to fix. The sooner you get in touch with our team, the better the chance of taking care of the problem easily. Give Lex’s Plumbing a call today!

Our plumbers have been providing Aubrey and Little Elm residents with exceptional plumbing services for more than a decade. As our customer, your satisfaction is our number one priority. We are fully dedicated to providing you with the best possible service.

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Serving Aubrey, Savannah, Providence Village, & Little Elm for all Plumbing Needs

Although we’re locally owned, we cover a lot of ground. If you’re interested in our services and want to know whether we can help you, call us to see if we work in your neighborhood. We take pride in being a locally owned and operated business. Our professional Aubrey plumbing specialists and contractors have served the Aubrey, Frisco, Little Elm, Mckinney, and Plano area for 15 years. We aim to provide affordable rates and complete customer satisfaction for any job we complete. We also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for our excellent customer service and timely work. You can work with us in confidence. You’ll have various plumbing and remodeling services when you work with us. After we finish our work, we’ll have a licensed contractor review the project to guarantee your safety and satisfaction.

Drain Maintenance and Repair

Is your drain clogged and in need of repair? No problem. We’ve got you covered. We can help no matter the size or scope of your project. We also understand how frustrating a sewage backup can be. That’s why we’re available to you if you need immediate assistance.

Replace Plumbing Fixtures

Whether you’d like to replace a faucet, install a new shower or repair a damaged pipe, we’re the team you can trust. We guarantee prompt and dependable service, easy appointment scheduling, fair prices, and knowledgeable professionals who will do the job right. Plumbing can be tricky, and attempting to repair a drain or install a fixture by yourself could end badly. Don’t risk it. Call us today to schedule an appointment, and we’ll give you an estimate on your plumbing service! We offer prompt, reliable services, easy appointment scheduling, and reasonable rates. Choose us, and your plumbing issue will be resolved in no time!


Benefits of our Professional Plumbing Services

With so many providers of Aubrey plumbing services, it’s totally understandable that you feel confused and frustrated. LEX’S PLUMBING Team has made it easy for you to choose with a list of the following benefits:

We have and use all the professional tools

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that every pipe asks for a different set of tools. We have invested a great deal of money in acquiring the best tools for professional plumbers available in the market. Why? Because our clients deserve only the best. The worst thing you can do is to try to fix different pipes with the only set of plumbing tools you have at your disposal. That’s the first thing, which helps you tell the difference between a pro and a Aubrey plumbing amateur.

We have a proven track record as a Aubrey Plumber

We have been providing professional plumbing services for more than a decade. Believe it when we say that we have seen and done it all. Yet, we’re constantly learning and improving on a daily basis. Every Aubrey plumber deserves a fair chance to show his skills and expertise. However, let’s face it. Do you really want to turn your home into a training area for inexperienced plumbers? That’s not going to happen when you call us to fix your pipes. Only the most experienced members of our team are allowed to help our clients.

We know the ins and outs of plumbing work

We treat plumbing as an art. Some people may find this approach to be a funny one. But, make no mistake about it, the moment you get in trouble, it won’t be so funny anymore. You will need pros to deal with your plumbing nightmare quickly, efficiently, and above all for an affordable price. When it comes to our work, we have some simple rules to follow. The more you know, the quicker you will be able to fix a problem. It goes without saying that all of us appreciate a plumbing professional who comes, works, and leaves before you know it. The most annoying thing in the world is to have a self-proclaimed plumbing “expert” who is camping in your home with no results.

Lex’s Plumbing

If you’re in the Frisco or Little Elm, Aubrey, Texas area, you need a plumber you can trust. With fast, local service, Lex’s Plumbing can handle your plumbing emergency no matter how small. Whether you need to repair a clogged drain or replace a faucet, these plumbers are the best in the area.

Lex’s Plumbing offers complete plumbing services and is located at 8704 Ike Byrom Rd, Aubrey. They are a local company that offers affordable plumbing services and excellent customer service. They specialize in bathroom fixture replacement, toilet and shower installation, and kitchen sink plumbing. You can call them for a free estimate today.

In addition to providing quality plumbing services, Lex’s Plumbing in Aubrey also offers a variety of employee benefits. They’re committed to helping employees grow and contribute to the success of their company. The company has a variety of programs that encourage employees to reach their full potential. If you’re interested in a career at Lex’s Plumbing in Aubrey, apply today!

Lex’s Plumbing offers emergency plumbing services in Aubrey. Their technicians have years of experience installing water heaters, plumbing fixtures, and drain cleaning. They also offer plumbing services for new construction. From water heater repairs to clogged drains, they’re ready to tackle any plumbing issue. Plus, they’re members of the Good Contractors Organization, which is a list of pre-screened contractors in the DFW area.

Detecting a slab leak

A slab leak is an extremely difficult type of plumbing problem to detect and repair. This type of leak occurs when a pipe that is built into the foundation of a home begins to leak. It is tough to detect, but it can lead to extensive damage to your home. Luckily, plumbers have advanced technology that can help them detect the leak and repair it right away.

If you suspect that you may have a slab leak, the first step is to check your water bills. If your water bill suddenly spikes in a short period of time, it could be a sign of a slab leak. Using the water meter, you can see how much water your home is using. If this spike coincides with other warning signs, a leak is likely the culprit.

Slab leaks in Aubrey are difficult to detect, but a plumber can use high-tech sound detectors to detect the source of the problem. Detecting a slab leak is vital because this type of leak can cause extensive water damage to your home.

Identifying a slab leak requires specialized equipment and experience. You will need to open the slab in order to uncover the pipe and repair it. A plumber has the experience and knowledge to identify a slab leak and fix it in a timely manner. When you suspect that you may have a slab leak, call a plumber to inspect the area. You can save money on repairs and damages by identifying them early.

A plumber can use jackhammers or other heavy equipment to drill into the slab and repair it. In some cases, however, this type of leak can be easily fixed using trenchless technology. However, it’s crucial that you have a plumber with the right tools and equipment to detect a slab leak and repair it properly.

One way to determine whether you have a slab leak is by determining the water meter. It is normally located close to the curb or under the ground. The dial on the water meter can also indicate the presence of a slab leak.

Detecting a plumbing leak

A pinhole leak is not a huge problem when it happens infrequently, but the damage it can do over time is considerable. The accumulation of water can lead to mold and mildew growth, which will eventually eat away at your drywall and ceilings. Not only that, but a pinhole leak can also waste a considerable amount of water. You can tell when you have a pinhole leak if you notice discoloration or mold growth on your walls, higher humidity, or rising water usage.

Pinhole leaks are usually caused by corrosion along the pipe. The corrosion starts leaking when it comes in contact with air. These leaks are small and hard to detect. Therefore, it is important to have your water heater inspected for any signs of pinholes.

A leak in a water heater can result in a significant loss of water pressure. If you notice a decrease in water pressure, the leak could be causing the water to escape from the pipes. If you notice a drop in water pressure, check all of your faucets, showerheads, and pipes for a pinhole. Then, call a plumber to help you fix the problem.

A pinhole leak can cause significant damage to the piping. Copper pipes can develop a pinhole leak as a result of corrosion. These leaks are often difficult to locate because of the size and location of the pinholes. If the leak is in a copper pipe, a professional plumber is best suited for the job.

Pinhole leaks are extremely difficult to detect and repair, so it’s important to have the water heater checked by a professional plumber. They can find the leaks and seal them if necessary. They can also recommend repiping if you have copper piping.

Copper pipes are especially susceptible to pinhole leaks. This type of leak is caused by pitting corrosion, which occurs when copper pipes are exposed to chemicals and dirt.

Detecting a dripping sound

If you have a dripping sound in your home, it is important to have it checked by a plumber to prevent further damage. Dripping water is not only annoying, but it is also a warning sign of a larger problem. The longer you wait to take care of it, the more costly the repair job will be. Moreover, you will be wasting a large amount of water. A leak can waste anywhere between 2,000 and 20,000 gallons of water.

Using sound leak detection equipment is an effective way to find the source of the leak. This equipment works very well for metal pipes and can pinpoint the source of the leak. However, it won’t work on plastic or PVC pipes.

If the dripping sound is coming from behind the walls, it is important to call a plumber. If the dripping sound comes from a cracked pipe, it could mean that there’s a leak in the wall. A cracked pipe can lead to extensive water damage and high water bills. Other causes of dripping noises include motion, vibration, and concussion. Moreover, abnormal water pressure can cause dripping sounds.

Even if you cannot hear a dripping sound, a dripping faucet could mean a leak in the water heater. It may be caused by leftover water in the drain. You can also try dabbing pooled water near the drain to detect the source if you hear a dripping sound.

The most common method for detecting water leaks is sonic leak detection. This technique uses high-powered microphones to pick up the sound of water dripping. It can be effective and cheap. It’s a great way to save money on plumbing repairs.

Identifying a leaking water heater is an essential first step in the process of repairing it. You can do this by checking all faucets in the home and also checking the water heater.

Detecting a leaking drain valve

If you notice water seeping from the bottom of your water heater, it may be a sign that the drain valve is leaking. This valve is intended to drain water from the tank to reduce sediment buildup. If it is not shut tightly, or if the seal around the valve is worn, you may need to replace it. In this case, a plumber will be able to help you.

Leaking drain valves are a common cause of water damage in your home. Not only do they make your house smell bad, but they can lead to a variety of health issues as well. It is possible to detect a leaking drain valve by disconnecting the drain pipe and checking for a loud gurgling noise. Most leaks occur in the toilet area, so you should pay special attention to this area. Adding a small amount of food color to the water tank’s drain can also help you detect the leak.

Leaky water heaters can be extremely costly to repair. If you notice any of the above symptoms, you should call a plumber right away. The problem could be as simple as a loose connection, or it could be a complex problem requiring the replacement of a valve.

The most effective method to detect a leak is to use a water leak detector. These water detectors are able to detect water on surfaces or within pipes, and they can be installed under water tanks or around vulnerable areas. They can help you spot a leak at the very beginning and prevent it from getting worse. If you detect a leak early, you can avoid a costly repair and save thousands of dollars in the process.

You can also check your water meter for a leak. If the numbers change, there is a leak somewhere. The shut-off valve for your home’s main water supply pipe is usually located in the utility room or basement.