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You rely on your water heater for comfort and convenience every day.If you are experiencing plumbing problems related to your home’s hot water supply, Lex’s Plumbing can help with water heater repair, water heater installation, and emergency plumbing services near Frisco.


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Water Heater Repairs

Many water heater problems can be solved easily with a simple plumbing repair. Your Frisco plumber can quickly diagnose hot water issues and suggest the best solution to restore your home’s hot water supply. Some of the most common water heater repairs include:

  •  Burner Cleaning: Dirty or sooty burners in a gas water heater won’t produce efficient flames. Your plumber can inspect and clean your burners to instantly improve the function of your gas water heater.
  • Heating Element Replacement: Electric water heaters use one or more heating elements to produce hot water. When these heating elements fail, they need to be replaced by your plumber to restore your water heater’s function.
  • TPR Valve Replacement: Storage water heaters have a temperature-pressure-relief (TPR) valve that acts as a failsafe if the tank becomes overpressurized. A leaking valve needs to be replaced by your plumber immediately to ensure your water heater is safe and prevent further water loss.

Water Heater Installation

In some cases, a problematic water heater has reached the end of its functional lifetime and must be replaced. Most storage water heater models will last 10-15 years, while tankless water heaters typically last 20 years or more. When it comes time to schedule new water heater installation, there are a few factors you should consider:

  •  Storage water heaters are the most cost-effective option, regardless of whether you choose a gas or electric model. Tankless and solar water heaters cost more upfront to install but have the potential to save you more on your utility bills over the long term.
  • Even though storage water heaters may not provide the same energy savings as other types of water heaters, simply replacing your old storage water heater with a new one will typically deliver noticeable savings.
  • It’s important to choose a water heater that has the capacity to provide enough hot water for all your uses, or you’ll run out of hot water even with a new appliance installed.
  • New water heater installation can typically be completed in a single day, making this an easy and stress-free upgrade for your home. The sooner you replace a failing or damaged water heater, the sooner you’ll enjoy ample hot water and energy savings.

Lex’s Plumbing specializes in water heater installation, maintenance, and repair in Frisco, TX. Call us at (469) 362-5397 to discuss your hot water needs today.

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